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If you've recently experienced hurricane damage to your home resulting in flooding, mold growth, or commercial building damage, we can help. AQA provides testing and evaluation services in Lake Charles, LA and surrounding areas that are fast, efficient, and cost effective. Scroll down to see a complete list of tests and services available through AQA.

Air Quality Assessors has been in business for over 10 years. Our services range from residential mold inspections to large commercial property clearance letters from storm damage. AQA has offices throughout the U.S. AQA is ready to tackle your storm damage evaluation needs! Fill out the form to the right to get in touch with us today!

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our evaluation process

First, we ask you multiple questions about your concerns during a short phone consultation with one of our AQA Certified Mold Assessors. From there, we schedule our team to detect the cause of the issue. Then our testing begins! We immediately document our findings then if needed, send your results off to the lab. You can read more about each process below.

Discovering the source of infrastructure damage and areas of concern is the first step to our process. Identifying the cause of the issue will allow us to advance to the next step of our system. This part of the mold inspection process includes time observing, and asking questions so that we know all we need to know, to move forward properly.

Our mold testing process will allow us to gather samples needed and give us evidence to evaluate in details. These results allow us to further examine the root of the problem. Testing each and every area thoroughly to drive the most detailed results possible is our priority.

During our assessment process we will gather all of the previously collected information to accurately determine the necessary steps to take. Our assessors are licensed, insured, and offer a great deal of expertise. 

Mold inspection results in 3 business days!

We are known for providing fast, efficient, and cost effective mold testing services. We provide results in as little as 3 business days on standard priced testing services. Ask us about our free consultations to find out more about what exactly we can do to help you solve your building issues. Are you a realtor? You've come to the right place to determine if your property for sale is clean.


Moisture evaluations

Moisture mapping is the action taken to locate excess moisture in building materials. Once the moisture is located, it is documented and evaluated to create the proper credentials so that the drying and/or removal process can begin.

Leak Detection

The most common cause of mold growth are leaks and there are many places in your home where leaks can occur. At Air Quality Assessors, our leak detection services consist of noninvasive ways to look for moisture in buildings.

Building assessments

During our building damage assessments, we establish the potential cause(s) of building damage. We conduct a thorough inspection of the cause(s) of damage, what areas have been effected, and create recommendations for repairs.

Mold Testing

Our mold testing services include an in-depth inspection of the premises by our licensed Mold Assessors with the most up-to-date equipment. Prior to testing we provide you with a detailed report along with an explanation of areas affected.

ALLERGEN testing

Allergens are airborne substances that cause an allergic reactions in humans and pets that come in many different forms. 35 million Americans suffer from allergic reactions to airborne allergens and we can help find the culprits.

Water testing

Our water testing services ensure the water provided in your home or business is safe to use. Testing your water yearly is important because water conditions frequently change. Testing services include bacteria and well water testing.

other services

COVID-19 Surface Testing  •  Asbestos & Lead Testing  •  Professional Engineering

mold faq

You might be able to see mold in your home, growing on walls, floors, carpet, ceilings or bathroom fixtures. However, mold often grows in places where it cannot be easily seen, like under carpets, inside walls and inside heating, ventilation and air conditioning ducts. You should suspect mold if your home has a musty smell. You should also know that mold is likely if you’ve had flooding or a water leak in your home. To find out for sure if there’s mold in your home, you need to call in a certified mold tester. Most certified mold testers are engineers and are trained to locate mold even in hard-to-see places. They can let you know if there is mold in your home and if so, what type of mold it is.

It can be dangerous. The degree of risk depends on numerous factors, including the type of mold (some strains are more hazardous to your health than others, although it’s not good for you to be inhaling any type of mold spores), the amount of mold, whether or not you’re allergic to mold, and the state of your health and the health of your family members. Health problems commonly associated with household mold include coughing, sneezing, sore throat, runny nose, headaches or migraines, sinus infections, pneumonia and asthma attacks. Infants, elderly people and those with respiratory disorders like asthma or emphysema are most susceptible to mold-related health problems, but even healthy young adults can be affected. 

You can purchase test kits that allow you to test your home for mold, but we recommend calling in an expert instead. Certified mold testers are trained to locate all traces of mold in a home and they can also tell you what strains of mold are present. Do-it-yourself mold tests aren’t always accurate and many require you to send samples to a lab to find out what strains of mold are present, at significant extra cost. Hiring a professional for the job simply provides better results.

  • Most professionals that test for mold are engineers. They have extensive training and education in how to conduct and interpret the tests. A mold specialist will help you identify exactly what type(s) of mold you are dealing with, in order to determine the best clean-up techniques.

  • They know how to find mold in hidden places, where homeowners frequently miss it. They will be able to find and identify mold that is hidden, such as inside walls or under flooring.

  • They can tell you what strains of mold are present in your home (often there is more than one strain) and provide you with information about the health risks of exposure to those specific strains.

  • They can advise you about the safety precautions that should be taken during the mold removal process. A specialist will help you understand each step involved in the cleanup process.

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